Welcome to our team page!

Each person on our team has a story to tell, a reason to walk and a cause that binds us together.  Brian is diagnosed with Von Willebrand Disease, as well as Caroline and Madelyn.  I, Danielle, am a mother who always has it in the back of her mind with every injury could be a trip to the Emergency Room.  Harrison has understood from an early age that his blood is different from that of Caroline and Madelyn.  Von Willebrand Disease is with us every day.  It impacts our lives personally, but impacts many others as well.  This is why we Unite.  

We believe that, together, we can create a world free of bleeding disorders – that’s why we Unite and ask for your support.

Every dollar we raise helps the National Hemophilia Foundation fund urgently-needed research, treatments and support. Our team aims to raise as much as possible for this worthy cause. Will you help us reach our fundraising goal?

Please consider joining our team for the Unite for Bleeding Disorders walk or choose a team member from the list and make a donation.

All donations will support kids and adults living with bleeding disorders in our community.

Isn’t that something to unite behind?

Thank you in advance!


Team Members

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