Dear Family and Friends:

So this is why I walk, and the reason is very simple so I can help send at least 1 if not two kids to summer camp.  When I did summer camp as a counselor to see the kids get off those buses with those smiley faces running into old friends, it was like an old kodak moment.  The kids made new friendships during the week, and also went on nature hikes with other cabins.  Thursdays were always a blast because that meant it was time for the "water fights".  Of course during the meals no one ever wated to get the onion beacuse that meant you had an unclean table.  Also there was guessing of the hats game, the two in charge would be wearing hats (different) at every meal and it would be up to you to keep a running total have a designatig person in charge.  so what is my point here thing is for one week that camp was like heaven for those kids they were on like cloud 9 for once in their life.  Now you know if I can do anything in my life to help them thats what Im going to try and do..  However I cant do it alone I need your help and support, please help me and join me on my team and donate or dont join my team just donate Ill be thorughly grateful.  Thanking you in advance for your supportand together we will make a difference,

Sincerely Yours,

Frank (Paco Taco)

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