Thank you for supporting John and Will’s Walk Team – the BLOOD BROTHERS VIII for which our family is deeply thankful.   John and William have Hemophilia A (Moderate), and try hard to live a normal and fairly healthy life. This past year we've had some challenges with Hemophilia. Doctors have identified target joints in both John and Will. A target joint is a particular joint (typically an elbow or knee) which has had recurrent bleeding due to injuries. John and Will remain very active in sports and in recreating, so slowly them down wouldn't be an easy task. Today, many advances are being made through research which has allowed John and Will to use new medicine that might help their pains and bleeding episodes. This is all possible because of friends and family like you and your support of the Blood Brothers and the Rocky Mountain Hemophilia & Bleeding Disorders Association.


Brad, Jennifer, John, Will, and Charlie

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