Mother's Day 2015 changed my life forever. 

1. I had a beautiful baby boy born just 5 days before.

2. It was my first Mother's Day as a momma.

3. My beautiful, newborn baby boy was  in the NICU for bleeding they couldn't stop at the hospital using all different measures.

4. We received Jackson's diagnosis-Hemophilia B -Happy 1st Mother's Day to me-and spent most of the day learning (meeting with doctors) and processing how and why our precious baby boy had this bleeding condition that we'd never heard of before.

Flash forward 4 years later: We added one more child and found out he has Hemophilia B as well, found out I was a carrier (first and only in my family). And we are in a better mindset  about Hemophilia because of our bleeding disorders community and the support of family and friends.

Evidently, 30 % of carriers are like me-no family history,  and became a carrier at conception. I wouldn't know I was a carrier unless I had bleeding problems myself or kids with bleeding problems (and then it would be a 50/50 chance they have it). And the second of the two happened.

I'm sure some wonder why I raise money, advocate, and promote awareness. Part of this is to help those other mommas and families, who like us, were surprised with the news of having their kids (or themselves) having a bleeding disorder. Part of it helps with my own  acceptance of it all-I can't control my children's health, but I can put energy forth in a positive way to make good come this 1st Mother's Day. So it's not a Mother's Day being remembered as sad, but one of hope and I can look back and say something good did come from the diagnosis.

Any amount helps. Thank you for your support and love over the years. We appreciate it. 



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