WTF? What's This For? Oh ... We Thank Family/Friends...

... for supporting my brother and I in fundraising for our local hemophilia chapter! Thank you!

I am fundraising for the 2021 Colorado Unite for Bleeding Disorders Walk, previously known as the Hemophilia Walk. The Unite for Bleeding Disorders Walk donations stay with our local Colorado chapter of The National Hemophilia Foundation, which is an organization that does a lot of stuff for people with bleeding disorders. For me, I get to attend the Mile High Hemophilia camp, which I love! 

This year, I get to do an overnight camp with leadership. Leadership is a group of teenagers  ages 14-18, who get to do fun activities such as rafting and rock climbing. With this group, I share my experience being a hemophilia carrier and a sibling, as well as meet other siblings like me who understand what it's like to have a sibling with hemophilia. 

I want to raise money so my brother and other kids like him can go to camp and learn how to care for themselves but also to know they aren't alone. 

Just like my brother, any donations made on my page will also be matched by my mom and dad, and then matched again by Ball Aerospace - so even a small donation will go a long way. Thank you for your help and supporting our hemophilia community!