Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you all for your support as we found out the unique news that Liam has a blood disorder that will require lifelong maintenance and education .  The news was certainly scary for us to hear at first, as I'm sure it was for you!  It was especially challenging to hear the news right around the time Liam begins to discover walking, climbing, crawling and FALLING.  Through the support of many family members, friends, amazing doctors and nurses, we have made it over the hump of being terrified of letting him continue to explore the world on his own.  However, there is still a long road ahead for Liam, and we'd prefer to keep him walking down that road safely.  So, we are humbly asking you to take a fall for Liam this summer, and join our team!  

You can donate, walk or donate and walk, or even just pass this information along to some of your friends.  The more the merrier!  

All our love,

Ashley, Matthew and Liam

P.S. - We are looking forward to seeing our fellow walkers on Saturday morning In Lincoln Park at 1746 N Stockton Drive, Chicago, IL. Registration is from 830-10am and we will meet you all at Liam's designated tent. We are planning on arriving at 9am. Thanks and please feel free to reach out to Matt or Ashley via cell phone or email with any questions ahead of time or if you're having issues locating us the day of the walk!


Matt, Ashley and Liam

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