Our 5-year-old son Ross has severe Hemophilia A, an incurable genetic condition that prevents blood from clotting normally.  We are raising money again this year to support the the National Hemophilia Foundation and its New York chapter, who have been incredibly supportive to us ever since Ross was diagnosed at birth with no family history of Hemophilia.  Thankfully, Ross is a very healthy and active little guy and lives the life of a typical NYC Kindergartener.   Thanks to recent medical advances, all it takes to keep Ross regularly protected is a quick shot of clotting medicine in the thigh once weekly that we administer at home in just a few minutes.  This lets him focus on all the important stuff like Kindergarten, running around the playground with his buddies, riding around on his scooter and having dance-offs with his parents. 

Research and treatment for Hemophilia have come such a long way, and with your generous support we’ll get closer to the cure as well as better and more accessible medicine for the bleeding disorders community. 

Many thanks for all your amazing support over the years - you've helped Team Ross raise over $40,000 and counting since 2016 and we are so grateful!  


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