Dear Friends and Family,

Many of you know I lost my Dad to complications of Hemophilia and my son Gabriel also has it.  We have come a long way in treatments so that our children do not have to endure what the heroes who came before us did. 

We are participating in the Hemophilia Walk - a fundraising event to support the New England Hemophilia Association. Our goal is to raise $3000 as a team, which doesn’t even cover 1 treatment for a bleed.  But every dollar counts and goes towards research and advocacy for all Bleeding Disorders.    

You can also support my fundraising efforts by forwarding this email to as many people as you can to inspire them to donate as well! Every step does make a difference in the lives of people affected by bleeding disorders.  All donations are tax deductible. 

We truly appreciate your support,

Gabe and the rest of his Gang!



Team Members

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