Taking on the challenge. 

We would like to invite our friends and family to join us in support of bleeding disorder awareness at the Unite for Bleeding Disorders Walk on May 19th at Lake Merritt in Oakland. 

For many years our family and ClubSport have dedicated a year’s worth of attention to various philanthropic organizations. With the selling of ClubSport to Bay Club we did not want to end our families commitment to fundraising, it is important to us to continue to give back. Once again we will be coming together to support Camp Hemotion.  

Our son, Colin, was born with severe type A Hemophilia. This is a rare blood condition which impacts the body’s ability to clot normally, pretty much Colin’s body will not clot when he has bumps, bruises, cuts, etc. This means some "normal" kid activities cannot be done without worry and stress. Colin has been doing amazingly, we have adjusted to infusing every other day since his port surgery in January 2018 and have even added 2 additional "infusers" this year, Auntie Kelly and Auntie Amy, we are so lucky and proud to have the friends and family that we do.

Walking with us on May 19th will be a way to have a fun reunion of sorts, we'd love to see all of our friends, family and previous work family out there together. Funds raised will go directly to the Northern California Hemophilia foundation. Specifically, towards the cost of an annual camp for kids with bleeding disorders. This camp lasts one week and creates an environment for those children with bleeding disorders where little bumps and bruises happen in a safe environment, kids with hemophilia and their siblings can grow and meet others with the same condition, and the kids are able to develop a sense of independence. While Colin is too young to attend, I can tell you in talking to some families we met that it is the single best week of the year for kids with Hemophilia.  

We cannot tell you how humbled and loved we feel from the outreach and support from our family, friends and colleagues.  We would love to have you walk with us on May 19th. We will bring Colin's Crew t-shirts to the walk if you would like to pick one up there. We appreciate all your love and support, and thanks for helping raise money for this amazing foundation!

Erin, Danny, Kinsley, Jack and COLIN :)

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