Dear Friends and Family,

As many of you know, my son Garrett was diagnosed with Hemophilia A at birth.  Hemophilia A is a Factor VIII deficiency, which helps clot the blood.  He needs his medicine to stop bleeding from injuries, spontaneous bleeds in his joints and muscles, and sometimes even just from playing a little too hard.

Garrett  has endured countless ER trips, needle sticks, and surgery for a port.  He gets his medicine three times a week either via his port or peripherally.  We have started doing peripheral sticks (where I find a vein in his arm or hand to infuse his medicine) so that eventually he can have the port removed.

Don't let it worry you too much though.  Garrett participates in basketball, flag football, baseball, and soccer!!  He wants to race go karts and I've already had football coaches approach me!

The Unite for Bleeding Disorders walk is to help raise money for the Gateway Hemophilia Association in St. Louis on May 4th at Forest Park.  This money helps send kids to Camp Notaclotamongus in June who have bleeding disorders.  At this camp they learn how to successfully stick themselves!  Once they do, they earn a big stick award which is literally a big stick!  

If you are able to donate, you can either donate to our team or to Garrett's name on our page (to help him get a t-shirt).  OR you can walk with us by signing up on this page! 


Brandy Stafford 

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