Luke's League is our annual team that raises money for the Gateway Hemophilia Association (GHA).  Ever since our little super hemo-hero was born we've watched him adapt and adjust never sitting out on the sidelines (even when we'd like him to:) 

When Luke was diagnosed we weren't sure what that meant for him but through interactions with GHA it gave us hope. We are sharing Luke's story to bring awareness and raise funds to support GHA.  Please consider a donation and/or walk with us on May 4th which is a fun celebration event at Forest Park.

The following is a link to a video about our hemophilia journey.  We recently had the chance to serve as advocates at a national level with the hope that they can do even more good with the money and awareness.  LINK: 

Every dollar we raise helps the Gateway Hemophilia Association fund urgently-needed research, treatments and support. This includes education materials, medic alert tags, advocacy, camps where kids learn to infuse themselves at 7!  

Thank you for your continued support and for being part of Luke's League!

Jake, Stephanie, Avery, Luke and Quinn Bauman

P.S. Luke's doing great!  I'll send an update in my thank you response:)

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