Like so many others, my family did not anticipate that I would be born with a bleeding disorder, specifically Severe Hemophilia A; the odds are slim, but not zero. My family and I had a lot to learn over the years to keep me safe and healthy, but it made us stronger in the end.

I was especially fortunate to be born in a time when medical advancements provided new treatment options. They have completely changed the experience of living with a bleeding disorder, and for that I will always be grateful.

So I am raising funds for this year's Walk to help contribute to crucial initiatives that fund research to find even better treatments and ensuring other families also have access to quality healthcare and the best educational resources available.

I ask that you please make a donation today and help me reach my fundraising goal to secure a brighter future for the bleeding disorder community. Every penny counts, every penny makes a difference. Also, you rock.

Thank you!

Andres Ruiz