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Team Captain Simon's Superheroes 2023 UNITE WALK (Columbus, OH)

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Thank you for visiting our family's fundraising page for the Central Ohio Chapter of NHF. This organization has supported our family, personally in many ways.  It has given us a community of other hemophilia families to share stories with, it has sponsored us to be able to attend educational events to learn more about Simon's condition, and it even offers assistance with counseling services, educational scholarships, and support for keeping Simon's body physically healthy.

As Simon gets older, it is becoming more and more important to us that our community at large learn about and understand this condition so that we can all support him as he grows and processes how it will and will not impact his life.  To that end, we're inviting all local friends and family members to join our team and walk in support of Simon, and YES! he wants you to wear a cape :)

Thank you for your generous donation, or your willingness to walk with us on September 10th!