Our journey with hemophilia started over 17 years ago when our son Reece was diagnosed with moderate hemophilia A. Within less than a years' time Reece's veins could no longer withstand IV infusions, so he had a port placed. At that time, we found out that he had developed a complication called an inhibitor, which made treating a bleed extremely difficult. He went on daily infusions for over a year to reset his immune system to accept the factor as being a part of him in order to treat bleeds better and give him a better quality of life. Today Reece has come so far! He has been self-infusing since he was 8 yrs. old. He graduated from high school and is attending college. We are so very proud of the way he has handled his lifelong condition. He has become a leader in his community as well as his older sister is a mentor for the younger generations and represents the unaffected siblings. Even though Reece has this disorder it affects the family as a whole and our community coming together for support and assistance has made dealing with this easier. 

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