WTF is back! What exactly does WTF mean? Well ... Where's Team Flare? We're There Forever! Where's The Food? We Train Frogs! We Take Factor! Wow, That's Fantastic! And... We Thank Family/Friends...

... for supporting my 9th year of fundraising! Thank you!

I am back at it with the 2021 Colorado Unite for Bleeding Disorders (previously known as the Hemophilia Walk), which is part of the National Hemophilia Foundation that supports programs to help people with bleeding disorders live normal lives,

For the past 11 summers, I have benefited directly from these types of donations, as they help pay for me and other campers to attend Mile High Hemophilia camp. This year we are going on a leadership camping trip in August but I hope to return to Mile High Hemophilia camp for my last year.

Also, last summer I earned a Leadership Award and I was recognized at the National Hemophilia Foundation's annual conference. I would not have been able to build my leadership skills and make an impact in my bleeding community without camp and the support of my local chapter! 

All money raised stays with my local chapter. My local chapter sponsors many community activities such as Backpacker and Bleeders, Education Dayz, Mile High Camp, Washington Days and more! 

Your donation will be matched by my mom and dad, and then matched again by Ball Aerospace - so even a small donation will go a long way. Thank you for your help and support over the years!