My husband, Mark, was born with severe hemophilia A. He’s lived his entire life with its complications, most especially chronic pain. He lives with such grace, most people wouldn’t know the level of pain he is always experiencing. Hemophilia shapes so much of his day to day, for better or for worse. As much as it is a detriment on many levels, Mark offsets all that with his unending giving spirit. He gives his time as he mentors so many kids with bleeding disorders, helping them learn to infuse themselves and helping them sustain hope for their future by being a shining example of all that can be accomplished living with hemophilia. He gives his talents in volunteering for organizations and helping in every way imaginable. He lives with such generosity in so many forms. Join us as we support our beloved New England Hemophilia Association. This organization is near and dear to our family and they make such a difference to so many people living with bleeding disorders. Their programs are lifelines to so many. The community that this organization fosters is powerful. Your donations will make a direct impact here in New England. I’d be so grateful for your support in honor of my incredible husband.