If you know my husband, Luke, you know that he is a genuine, strong, fun-loving individual. Many of you do not know that Lucas was born with a severe bleeding disorder, Hemophilia A. 

Severe Hemophilia A is a genetic bleeding disorder caused by a deficiency (less than 1%) in factor VIII, a clotting protein. People with Hemophilia A often bleed longer than other people. Bleeds can occur internally, into joints and muscles, or externally, from minor cuts, medical procedures, or trauma.  How frequently a person bleeds and the severity of those bleeds depends on how much FVIII is in the plasma, the straw-colored fluid portion of blood. There is currently no cure for Hemophilia (National Hemophilia Foundation, 2020).

This diagnosis has presented various challenges for Luke and his family throughout his life. However, thanks to medical advancements in clotting factor treatments, Luke is able to live a full and healthy life. 

With that being said, Hemophilia factor treatments are extremely costly. There are countless children and adults impacted by Hemophilia throughout the world, some that are unable to receive necessary care due to lack of resources. 

Luke’s Squad is coming together for the fifth year to help...

We walk to promote research.

We walk to improve healthcare treatments, including focus on treating the whole person — not just the hemophilia. 

We walk to support more opportunities for those impacted by bleeding disorders. 

We walk to spread awareness. 

We walk to find a cure.

We walk for our community.

We walk for Luke. 

Luke has conquered this battle silently for the majority of his life. I couldn’t be more proud that he has decided to share his story in order to help others.

We believe that, together, we can create a world free of bleeding disorders – that’s why we Unite.

Every dollar we raise helps the Gateway Hemophilia Association fund urgently-needed research, treatments and support.

If you’d like to support or join us on our mission, please do. 

We appreciate you and thank you, 

from the bottom of our hearts.  


Ashly Walls 

Team Captain, Luke’s Squad 

“Vulnerability is not weakness; it’s our greatest measure of courage.”— Brenè Brown