2020 Unite for Bleeding Disorders: The Bruise Brothers

Over the past years, we’ve attended countless Gateway Hemophilia Association  (GHA) educational events and networking programs for families with bleeding disorders. We'd like to say those events and programs sponsored by GHA are what led us to navigate the boys'  “bleeding episodes” with poise and confidence. 

This year we walk again in honor of Jackson and Quentin in the 2021 Unite for Bleeding Disorders - a fundraising event to support the Gateway Hemophilia Association and the National Hemophilia Foundation. 

We need you now more than ever. We'd love to have you join us in support of Jackson and Quentin.  

Thank you for all you do to help us with this  journey-prayers, reaching out, walking with us. This journey has been much easier to navigate with you in our lives.

Much Love,

Mike, Kristina, Jackson and Quentin