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Team Captain VWVenturers 2020 UNITE WALK (Albany, NY)

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I have Von Willebrand's Disease. It's a genetic bleeding disorder, and there is no cure. I was diagnosed at 14 after severe bleeding episodes that frequently caused me to miss school. With treatment, I am able to lead a fairly normal life, but there are still things I am unable to do, such as play any contact sports. I also had to give up my lifelong dream of being an Air Force pilot and subsequently an astronaut, as I was medically disqualified due to my bleeding disorder. Despite all of this, I have it easy compared to many in the community who suffer from bleeding disorders. 

For many, a world without bleeding disorders is simply a dream. Thousands of kids and adults affected face internal bleeding, costly treatments and lifelong infusions.

I’m all in to help end bleeding disorders. My personal goal is to raise as much as possible for this worthy cause that hits close to home for me, and has had an impact on my life. Will you help me reach my fundraising goal? It’s easy — just click “donate” to make a secure donation.

Every dollar stays within our community and supports critical initiatives such as funding research to find better treatments, educating medical providers on the latest innovations and care, ensuring families have access to quality healthcare and providing access to the best educational resources available.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Best Wishes,