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Hello Family and Friends!

I'm SOOO excited to be participating in our bleeding disorders chapter (RMHBDA) annual fundraiser! This bleeding disorders group is amazing! Please consider donating for 3 reasons important to me:

1. During the fall of 2018, one of my children had to have an emergency procedure done to stop bleeding. RMHBDA helped cover so many costs that ranged from food, to a hotel, and even airline tickets. I am so grateful for their immediate and continued assistance!

2. Every dollar stays within our community and supports critical initiatives such as funding research, educating medical providers, and providing access to the best educational resources available.

3. Often challenges in life can cripple us or make us stronger. I've been inclined before to succumb to despair after treating my kids bleeds for weeks on end... but somehow they always seem to deal with it patiently and are ready the next day to get back on the horse...they give me the courage to keep going. I am so impressed with my husband and kids, who although have a life-long struggle with severe bloody noses, joint bleeds, and infusions, continue to work, play, and excel in life! I want to be like them when I grow up!

 For these reasons, and so many others, I am trying to raise money to help others like me and my family who need occasional and unexpected assistance. My personal goal is to raise as much as possible for this worthy cause. Will you help me reach my fundraising goal? It’s easy — just click “donate” to make a secure donation.

Will you help me reach my fundraising goal? Please make a donation today.

Thank you in advance for your support and united, we will make a difference!


Erin Robertson

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