Dear Family & Friends

Once again we are reaching out for your support for our grandson, Ross Jacobsen, and his struggle with his bleeding disorder of Hemophilia. A lot has happened in the past year since my last correspondence with you. Ross is a beautiful active 3 year old who enjoys anything with wheels and movement. He is especially into trains with a preference in the NY subway having “ridden the rails” many times. He is also into swimming and is in a weekly soccer group. This year he started a new treatment for his hemophilia which involves a single weekly subcutaneous injection instead of a twice weekly intravenous infusion. This new treatment has improved the quality of his life, not a cure but a better treatment. Hope is on the horizon for a cure in the form of gene replacement therapy. However much research and testing still lie ahead. Please support TEAM ROSS at the annual UNITE for BLEEDING DISORDERS WALK on June 2nd in Riverside Park @ W103rd  Street, NYC at 9:00AM or by making a financial contribution. Your support is changing the lives of people living with bleeding disorders. Come join us!!!

Please go to the following link for additional information for TEAM ROSS:

If you have problems navigating the above link please feel free to contact us at or 973-228-1703. 

TEAM ROSS appreciates your support.

Susan & Mitch Jacobsen

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