Dear Friends and Family,

I'm walking and walking and walking in the Unite for Bleeding Disorders Walk - a fundraising event to support kids and families!  Inherited bleeding disorders are a life-long condition. There is no cure.  I am determined to send 6 kids, at a cost $1,638 per child,  to Camp Hemotion .  

We also have Family Camp where our docotors, nurses and physical therapists come and show parents how to wrap and protect joints.  Many parents learn to infuse medication for their kids without having to go to an emergency room.  If I had to, I would learn to infuse my baby but it takes a lot of courage and confidence to do so.  

At  our recent Family Camp, I got to see truly heartwarming sight:  A 15 month old little guy who was not yet walking likely due to ankle and/or knee pain.  We brought in therapy dogs to meet the kids and, out of nowhere, our little guy got up and RAN to pet the dogs.  First time walking ever and I was there to see it!

Watch me blaze new trails and climb mountains in the link below! 

Your tax-deductible contribution of ANY size will help me reach my $10,000 goal of sending 6kids to Camp Hemotion where they learn to manage their life-threatening condition.

 Prescott gets an infusion through a port in his chest.  Sometimes the little guy must infuse every two hours around the clock for as long as 21 days. 

Camp Hemotion teaches our kids, as young as seven years old, to infuse through a vein!  

As a kid, our brother Kurt had no clotting factor and we lost count of how many times his knee, elbow, ankle, etc. looked like this.  So much suffering when there is no treatment.

Hugs from me and the kids,  

Dawn Pollard

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