For many, a world without bleeding disorders is simply a dream. Thousands of kids and adults affected face internal bleeding, costly treatments and lifelong infusions.

I’m all in to help end bleeding disorders. My personal goal is to raise as much as possible for this cause which is close to my heart. Something you may not know about me is that I am affected with moderate Hemophilia A. This means that my blood does not clot the way yours does. Because of this I must infuse Factor into my little veins every Tuesday and Friday, and then again if I have a bleeding episode. I have spent many days in emergency rooms. I have had multiple x-rays and ultrasounds when trying to determine how bad my bleeding episodes were. I live with this every day and am thankful to Central California Hemophilia Foundation for giving me a community that understands what I am going through and is there for my family anytime we need. I am blessed to also have friends at school that know that I have to be a little more careful and that support me when I get hurt. I hope that you will donate to this cause, or even better join my team, Team Dragons, to Unite with me and my family in this Walk For Bleeding Disorders. I ask that if you join our team you make a donation to support our cause, but even if you cannot every member Uniting to walk makes a difference for our cause. And every donation, big and small, helps me and others living with Hemophilia.

Every dollar stays within our community and supports critical initiatives such as funding research to find better treatments, educating medical providers on the latest innovations and care, ensuring families have access to quality healthcare and providing access to the best educational resources available.

Will you help me reach my fundraising goal? Or even better, Uniting as a walker to help support the whole cause? Please make a donation today.

Thank you in advance for your support and united, we will make a difference.


Ryan Andrew, Big Brother Dragon

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