Luke’s League is stumping again for a cause close to our hearts. It’s hard to believe we didn’t even know what hemophilia was 5 years ago! In such a short time we have learned so much about Luke’s condition and the advocacy it requires. 

Please consider a donation again this year to our Gateway Hemophilia Association (GHA) walk team. SUPPORT US: DONATION LINK

We also love when supporters walk with us!  The walk is July 11th at 9:30am at DoubleTree Chesterfield Hotel—we wear Red! It's a kid and dog friendly event and includes a 5k for runners    Join Us: Walk Registration Link

All donations stay local and support camps, education, helping hands and advocacy for those effected by bleeding disorders. It’s a good cause run by good people and when someone else has to jump into the deep end of bleeding disorders, they will be there with support and community.

A BIT MORE ABOUT HEMOPHILIA: A child with severe Hemophilia will spend over $200,000 annually to prevent bleeding. Failure to preventatively treat the disorder can result in prolonged painful bleeds that cause permanent and severe damage. The entire family is affected by the bleeding disorder physically, emotionally, and financially.

Individuals with Hemophilia do not bleed to death from minor cuts or injuries, nor do they bleed faster; they bleed longer because their blood cannot form a firm clot. Hemophilia affects mostly males and occurs in 1 of every 4000 male births.

THANK YOU! We continue to be overwhelmed with the generosity and support of our families, friends and colleagues. Your personal donations, corporate matching, Facebook fundraisers and sharing all helped make a difference in the lives of families living with bleeding disorders!

Thanks again for making our cause one of yours and being part of Luke's League!

Jake, Stephanie, Avery, Luke and Quinn Bauman


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