Donnie was originally diagnosed at 10 months. Through this process he underwent 6 brain surgeries due  to brain bleeds. He also had 2 strokes, developed a seizure disorder, loss the ability to use his right side and has right sided blindness. Donnie has severe Hemophilia A. He has a port and has received Kogenate and then Eloctate 3 days/week throughout his life. Since this time Donnie has made some amazing strides. Now, at the age of 10, and as a result of modern medicine, Donnie’s port will be removed permanently in Oct!!! Prayers and blessings are appreciated. Thankfully his Dr introduced us to Hemlibra. He receives this medication subcutaneously twice a month and he’s doing well. He’s so full of life and very determined to overcome the obstacles that he was faced with at such a young age. That’s our story. I hope to see everyone at the Hemophilia walk. Our team name is Dynamic Donnie and we are definitely excited to be a part of this community!

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