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Do it for Hux!!

Please join us in the Unite For Bleeding Disorders Walk by walking with us or donating to our team, Sir Huxley. We are excited to be apart of this walk and to support this community that we are now a part of. Huxley, Michael, and I were welcomed with open arms, by the Central California Hemophilia Foundation, at an event at a River Cats Game. We met with multiple, wonderful families that shared their stories and knowledge with us. They have continued to be a huge resource for us when we need them. Michael has recently become a board member and I am the Unite walk chair for this year’s walk! Being involved with CCHF keeps us involved in the community, gives us resources as we are dealing with Huxley’s diagnosis, and makes us feel like we are supporting Huxley. This year Huxley will be getting a port and starting regular treatment. We will need our friends, family, and CCHF more than ever with these big changes coming. 

We look forward to continuing to educate ourselves on Hemophilia and to continue to create a support system that can help us manage this. Huxley will have hemophilia for his whole life and so the support of this foundation is essential to our coping and success. Currently there is no cure, but scientists are actively engaged in finding cures and improving treatments.  We hope that Huxley will have the chance to see these cures in his life time!

That’s why we are raising money and I hope that I can count on your support of this exciting event! Thousands of families in our community, and across the country will benefit from your support and the success of the Walk.

Our personal goal is to raise at least $2,000 for this worthy cause. We are asking for your help to reach our goal. Will you make a tax-deductible contribution by donating what you can? It’s fast and easy to make a donation right here on my fundraising page.  

Thank you in advance for your support and together, we will make a difference.


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