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Krystal Starnes

Capitán del equipo The Starnes Brothers 2021 UNITE WALK (Denver, CO)


Hi Everyone!

We will be participating in the Unite for Bleeding Disorders walk again in August this year at Sloan's Lake Park in honor of Henry and now or sweet little Noah.  Both Henry and Noah were diagnosed with severe hemophilia B at birth.  Hemophilia is a bleeding disorder where one of the factors that is responsible for helping the blood to clot is missing.  In Henry and Noah's case they are missing Factor 9.  When a bleeding episode occurs they need an infusion of their missing factor to help their blood clot. Henry is currently receiving factor infusions once per week in order to prevent bleeding and subsequent pain and joint destruction that commonly occurs in patients with severe hemophilia. Noah will likely start the same treatment closer to his first birthday. The Colorado Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation is amazing and has helped us in so many ways over the past several years.  We would like to give back by raising money for the Colorado Chapter through this walk and also raise money for future research and eventually a cure for hemophilia!  Gene therapy trials are currently underway and have shown promising results, with several people already cured of hemophilia!  This is thanks to the support received from events such as this walk.  We are currently putting a team together and would love for you to come walk with us.  Our team name has changed this year due to our new addition and now will be "The Starnes Brothers". Whether you want to support Henry and Noah by coming out and walking with us, by donating to the bleeding disorder community, or simply by continued prayers for them we really appreciate it!

Krystal, Bill, Alexa, Henry, Samuel, and Noah