Soren was diagnosed with Severe Hemophilia A when he was 2 months old.  When he was 9 months old we had a port put into his chest so we could infuse him with Factor VIII every other day.  In March of 2019 Soren was able to get a new treatment where we could simply inject his thigh ( like a shot) every other week.  This new treatment has been life changing for our family and allows Soren and us more flexibility, freedom, and a greater chance for Soren to live a normal kid life - Our Ultimate Goal for him.

This past year Soren was able to ski black hills and moguls, continue soccer and swim, and be a normal 6 year old boy. Next year he will be 7 and be able to go to the Bleeding Disorders Summer Camp - a sleepaway camp from Mom and Dad!

Fundraising for the NHF Colorado Bleeding Disorder Summer Camp is even more important this year given that we have not had camp in person for 2 years and next year will be the first in person camp AND Soren's FIRST time to get to go to camp. This experience is one of the most memorable for the Bleeding Disorder kids and community because they are around others that share the same experiences and have overcome similar struggles.  There is a clinical team that also attends to give us parents a peace of mind in the case anything happens and the kids need an infusion.

Soren's Bleeding Busters goal is to raise as much as possible for this worthy cause and to be able to send as many kids from our bleeding disorder community to summer camp.  The cost of camp is between $1200-$1500 a kid so any amount is helpful! 

Please help us with our goal and make a donation today!

Thank you in advance for your support and united, we will make a difference.


Tim, Jalpa, and Soren